Welcome to Autonomous Driving CTF Contest

Here, you are up to the challenges to physical adversarial attacks, autonomous driving forensics, sensor spoofing, and autonomous driving software exploitation. Enjoy car crashing!


Safety is the No.1 priority for autonomous driving. This contest encourages efforts to exploit and defend autonomous driving vehicles by all means, including but not limited to the following: robust physical adversarial attacks and defenses in the form of camouflage stickers, road graffiti; sensor spoofing/hijacking; and multi-sensor fusion manipulations. We can reveal unforeseeable threats to autonomous driving safety through a deep understanding of the attack surfaces and encourage practical solutions to address such threats.


Demo Challenge

Challenge 1: We have prepared a small game for you to challenge. In this game, you will cheat the automatic driving system's lane line detection by changing the road surface. Please log in for details. Enjoy car crashing!

Challenge 2: Your task is to design and submit a planning program that can automatically identify a a vehicle carrying dangerous goods to prevent it from escaping. Enjoy chasing!

New challenge is online!

Challenge 3: Your goal is to manipulate the driving trajectory of another vehicle (let’s call it the “NPC”), who’s originally driving on a lane in the opposite direction, such that the AV will yield and crash into a cardboard box on the road. Enjoy chasing!

Join Us on August 6, 2021.

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How to create a ROS2-based AD stack with SVL Simulator?

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